“Tudo isso surge de uma angústia muito grande, resultado de uma vida cada vez mais oprimida e restringida pela sociedade de hoje. Para conseguir devolver algo de bom para o mundo a gente tem o ofício da criação, que vem depois da contemplação do nada, do ócio profundo, do tédio. Então fui buscar um pouco disso, essa carga de saúde mental, para trazer de volta as coisas que criei.

Esse live é sobre fazer o que você mais gosta e acredita, é um grande "não, obrigado" para esse mundo odioso aí fora.”

We were thrown down to the planet we were designated to control and dominate like falling bombs. Falling by hundreds, maybe thousands, like fallen angels of death, carrying a deadly gift to millions of innocent lives bellow. It was our duty to do it, a shameful, bloody and frightening orced duty that few freely would choose to do it. Some of us were so choked by despair that reports about troopers who landed already dead by fear were not unheard of.

There were some seconds of pure tranquility, a brief moment of strangeness before the coming storm. Soon the silent freefall was interrupted by harsh blasts and sprays of artillery missiles blazing all over the sky. A dark rubbery smoke engulfed us all, as we dived into the hot clouds of a burning hell. Engaging the personal defense system would take some precious time, so it was necessary to start running it before touching the ground.

Like a horde of tiny ants trying to evade from the resistance's attack, we gathered near a huge observation post that resembled a giant polyhedral construction towering the horizon. Few troopers survived the fall and even fewer sergeants were able to make it. A band of mercenaries without a clear command to carry out the mission would prescribe a doomed strategy, but soon our helmets began to transmit coordination data: the military artificial intelligence took the invasion plan by numbers, and we were forced to march, burn and kill by algorithms.

From the journals of Mykhaela Borhusad, Seargent of the 54th Infantry Regiment from the Vesuvianic Army.